How It Works

The Rescue Club

When purchasing your subscription to become a Rescue Club member you are contributing to impact rescue animals and the shelters that help them.

Each month's package has an exclusive item representing the love for the animals we support. We strive to broaden our reach and collaborate with new socially responsible organizations that effectively create and promote change. A portion of every products sold goes towards shelters that make the efforts to be non-kill shelters. When selecting which organizations to collaborate with, we uphold a strict guideline of practices to ensure every dollar donated is a vote for change. If you think your shelter would make a great fit tell us why at

Every bracelet should serve as a daily reminder to save them all!


How It Works

"Save them all in Style"

When you Join the Rescue Club, you purchase and activate the subscription to the monthly bracelet contribution program. Each month, you will receive a curated package. Packages include special edition products.

The billing cycle is the first 10 days of the month and all members must have one campaign contribution processed prior to leaving the program.

If you wish to place an order without our monthly subscription program, you can do so through our ONE TIME ORDER section.

How Do I Unsubscribe?

To cancel your subscription, please visit the HELP page.
Please note, all members must have one monthly contribution ($24.99) processed prior to having their unsubscribe request go into effect. If a member has not yet been processed, then their request for cancellation will apply during the billing cycle following the one they are first processed within. Established members may be cancelled during the next cycle and will not be processed so long as the cancel prior to the billing cycle.

Once you submit the cancellation request, your enrollment will be cancelled according to our policies above.

Should you have any questions on reactivating your membership; please reach out to our Sales Team for further assistance.