This Company Plants 12 Trees with Every Product Sold

Imagine if trees gave off free internet connection, we'd probably be planting so many trees that our planet would be saved in less than five years. Unfortunately, many of us do not consciously recognize that trees provide us with oxygen – something that is much more important than an internet connection.

Because of our inability to recognize the overwhelming importance of trees, we keep harvesting them and destroying our forests. This plays a crucial role in the current climate change that we are experiencing. The only way to reduce the effect or completely reverse climate change is to plant more trees. Planting extra trees now may even give us 20 years to challenge climate change.

Apart from being the sole provider of oxygen and a key player in reversing climate change, trees serve a plethora of other purposes. Let’s look at some of these purposes.


The many vital reasons why we need trees

      1. Trees are natural air cleaners

Trees are the natural vacuums of our planet.Trees absorb harmful pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, ozone, and carbon monoxide, through their leaves and barks. They also sweep up particles like dust and smoke and release clean oxygen for us to breathe.

      2. Trees prevent natural disasters

We might not be aware of it, but the trees have saved humans countless times from floods. Their intricate root system acts like filters and slows down the water absorption into the ground. This process reduces the risk of flooding, soil erosion and prevents harmful waterside erosion. In addition, trees reduce wind speeds, cool the air and reflect heat upwards from their leaves.

       3. Trees impact our lives socially

The forestry industry provides boundless opportunities for job seekers and entrepreneurs with an earth-friendly mission.  Besides work, trees provide timber to build homes and shelter, and wood to burn for cooking and heating. Humans and animals, both enjoy the healthy and nutritional fruit, nuts, berries provided by food-producing trees.

        4. Trees Heal

It’s impossible to ignore that feeling of relaxation and elation you experience when walking through a calm, quiet forest. Research shows that your heart rate slows, your blood pressure drops and your stress levels decreases when you're surrounded by trees. Many trees have medicinal properties and also offer shade to protect our skin from the ever-increasing harshness of the sun.


Why Save Lands is Dedicated to Planting Trees

Save Lands believes in giving back to the earth. Our mission is to fight pollution and make the world a cleaner place for us all, therefore, we aligned our goals and visions with as we believe that planting trees is a great way to reduce air pollution and preserve the environment. Thus, our mission is directly connected to our merchandise and with each item we sell, we plant twelve trees. Currently, we have already planted 130.000 trees and together we can save an entire forest.


Final words

We often underestimate the importance of trees. Here at Save Lands, we recognize that trees provide shade, jobs, relaxation and most importantly oxygen that keeps us alive. We are therefore dedicated to fighting pollution and climate change by planting trees.