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Become an exclusive Save Lands Brand AmbassadorYou will be able to get involved in saving the world, helping sustainability and conservation efforts across the planet as well as make extra income for yourself in the process. Below are just a select few of the benefits that will come from your partnership with

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Becoming an Official Brand Ambassador:



  • 20% Off all orders!
  • 20% Commission on all sales referred using a unique referral code for you
  • Ability to refer other members and start a "Save Lands Tree Farmers Network"
  • 5% Commission on any sales made from Ambassadors that you referred in your network
  • Exclusive communications with Save Lands Team of Executives and other affiliates
  • Potential Social Media exposure (54,000+ following)
  • Potential Website exposure (5000+ viewers per week)
  • Exclusive mailing list that gives you insider information on what our team is planning and working on

FREE Brand Ambassador ONLY Ultra Soft Limited Edition V Neck.


Signing up has multiple steps to ensure the utmost security with our ambassador program. Follow the 3 steps totally to complete full registration and enjoy all the benefits of your membership. The steps are as follows:

  1. Fill out all information below and it will allow you to pay for the membership.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email, the first email contains a confirmation for your purchase and a sign up to track your commission and get your referral link, if you can not navigate there through the email, click here.
  3. The other email is from us to create your account to give you access to the free shirt, and other hidden items. Please navigate back to the brand ambassador collection, or click here
Thank you!
-Save Lands Team.